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what are shrooms like?


Shrooms are great. They’re a psychedelic and you trip on them, and there’s a feeling of euphoria I feel is similar to rolling, but lighter. You feel giggly, and you’ll laugh a lot. If you don’t take enough to trip you’ll just be giggly and feeling good. 

Building up to the trip (meaning I ingested them and I’m waiting for the trip to kick in), I get jumpy and my heart races (anxiety), but that’s normal for me and others. You’ll realise later on that you’re hallucinating, and you’ll feel lost. Not like you lost yourself exactly, and it’s not a scary feeling. You’ll forget where you are and what you’re doing, but still understand the things going on, even if your perspective is altered. 

Like I said, you’ll feel good. Even if your hallucination startles you you’ll be calm and relaxed. All your emotions are balanced. Colours are brighter and more vivid, and lines may not stay in their place.

Your mind will change. You’ll see things in a different perspective. You’ll see the universe in a different perspective. It’s like your mask has dropped and everyone else is still out in the world performing a show for all to see, but you’re simply observing and thinking about everything you take in, and how fake it all is. It’s like your walls you never realised were there have melted, and you’ve escaped to the true beautiful part of your mind. I can’t say where your mind will go, but if you’re having a good trip (I’ve never had a bad trip to describe to you, sorry) you’ll be thinking about yourself, the people around you, the world as it is and the universe in general. 

The world generally becomes more beautiful, too. Things interest me more, and I appreciate them more once they do.

You will never leave a trip without an epiphany; my boyfriend said this and I completely agree. You aren’t exactly a different person when you come out of it, but a part of you will be touched and your mind will be expanded. 

To me it feels like I was kissed by the universe. Always trip with people you trust, and in an environment you feel comfortable in. If something is wrong, or someone, fix it. A trip is truly a beautiful thing, especially on shrooms, so you want to try and make it as great of an experience as possible.